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Yintao Wei (Tsinghua Professor) Visit Hengyu Group

Release-Zeit:2012-12-01 08:46:40 Klicks:0

     August 30, 2012, Yintao Wei from Tsinghua University visited Hengyu Group. Accompanied by Shengri Gao, vice GM of Hengyu Group, Yucheng Liu, manager of Technology department.
  With Manager Liu, Mr. Wei visited Hengyu Technology & Science Co., Ltd and Hengyu Rubber Co., Ltd. Liu introduced the history of Hengyu Group, company system, reform of the management, innovation. It left the deep impression to Mr. Wei.
  During the visiting, Mr. Wei discussed with Chairman Tian about developing the new product line and technical cooperation. Chairman Tian wish Tsinghua university to continue to deepen the cooperation in tire, wheel, conveyor belt and others. He also hope to build the Research Institute together with Tsinghua University.
  Through this discussion, both parties have the confidence to build the cooperation relationship, and has laid the foundation to improve the company’s innovation capability.