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HTG 2012 Domestic Dealer Conference Held Successfully in Xiamen City

Release time:2013-01-22 15:34:08 Clicks:0

From Dec. 15th to Dec. 16th, 2012, Hengyu Technology Group (HTG) held the annual Dealer Conference successfully in Xiaman City, Fujian Province.

More than 150 partners joined the conference and shared their experiences in tire businesses and with HTG products in their areas.

One partner from Hebei Province, Mr. Wang and his family, have been doing HTG TBR tires for 4 years. Up to now, they haven’t received any negative feedback and are really satisfied with the performances. In the meantime, they are also planning to initiate the PCR tire business with HTG soon.

The conference has also elected the yearly outstanding Dealers to be rewarded.

Mr. Tianjiali, the president of HTG, delivered key speech about the group development history and gave the future development plan of the whole group.

Mr. Wang Haiping, General Manager of PCR Plant and Mr. Gao Shengri, General Manager of TBR plant gave detailed elaboration about the advantages of HTG PCR and TBR tires, as well as the product development roadmap in 2013.

In the conference, HTG also invited the famous trainee, Mr. Zhang Qingyuan, to share some knowledge about how to manage a good business.

All the participants gained more understanding about the future development trend of HTG group and its products. We are confident that HTG can bring more benefits to its partners and we are expecting more supports from our partners in 2013!