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Human-oriented, Developing Safely

Release time:2012-12-01 08:32:21 Clicks:0

On 22:30 Aug, 24 2012, an accident occurred on Miss Liu from Section Two, Hengyu Technology & Science Co., Ltd. During the treatment phase, she cannot accept the reality suddenly, and she has the unusual mood. The safety section learned about this and rushed to the hospital to persuade patiently, ask her to cooperate with medical treatment, then come back to work eerily. 

Safety means stable, benefit, indemnification, managing level and developing for the corporate. For all the employee, it is the smiling face when your children look up you, it is the table next to laughter of the family in the evening, it is a family portrait, young and old in the park. For different families, it is a family responsibility of all loved. As children, we should reward our parent's upbringings. If you cry, the first wet cheeks of the parent, if you are hurt, the pain is the heart of the parents. In their hearts, they wish the children safely always, this is the greatest relief in their minds.